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Melissa Ritter Marketing Client Results

84 Phone Calls in One Week

This client started with zero SEO and zero traffic and is now receiving so many calls that they are turning clients down. Can you imagine having that problem in your business?

The image represents real phone calls that this client receives from being placed in the Google local listings when a potential customer searches for their specialized services. I should also add that they are receiving hundreds of visitors to their website where calls are also accumulating because they are listed in positions 1 and 2 for the most difficult keywords in their industry.

Search engine optimization has allowed this small business to grow by leaps and bounds in less than a year.

How Can We Help…

There is no question that SEO is a skill, however, it is not enough. Our strategies include personalized plans customized to fit your business.

We are not just looking to obtain page one rankings. There are a number of “SEO experts” who can provide page one rankings, but what will you be ranking for? A term that only 10 people are searching for every month? That’s not going to make a difference in your business. We strive to give you the best rankings for the best keywords that will bring you new customers.

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