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It has been almost two years since Google removed the ability to add your business description in your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Many businesses never missed the feature because they were not even aware that it disappeared, but those of us in the SEO world felt like we lost one of our best friends.

It is safe to say that this description had a very important job, and that job was to help you rank in Google Maps for your business categories by telling Google what those should be.

So Google Gave Us a Present!

They gave it back to us. We now (again) have the ability to add our business description in our GMB listing, and if I were you, I would watch the video below to see how and go do it!

Before I move on, let me be transparent and tell you that this description alone is NOT what allows you to rank in Google Maps, but it can help.

When you write out your business description, open up notepad or a similar app and write your business description using your main topics that you want to rank for. DO NOT stuff keywords into this description. It should read well for visitors and for Google. You have 750 characters to briefly describe your business, so try to get as close to that number as you can.

Watch the video below for step by step instructions, and get your business description back where it belongs.

You never know what little changes like this can do for your maps listings, and even if it doesn’t help right now, it may in the future.

One thing is for certain: If Google gave this feature back to us, there is a reason!

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