Communication and advertising has been revolutionized by the internet, and our Cleveland SEO services are way ahead of the game. It is the new way to receive information and make decisions. A visit to the library, or surfing the phone book is no longer necessary, and frankly, it is not needed at all. For some, this may seem unthinkable, but for the thousands of people searching for Ohio services every day, it is the new way of life.

What we once knew as the “library”, is now known as the internet, or more specifically, Google. The old way of researching took several hours, where in today’s society, it literally takes seconds. Yes, seconds to research what company to hire for the service your potential customers are looking for.

If you are a business owner, your main goal, in fact, your only priority related to marketing should be showing up on Google’s first page for your product or service. It is literally that easy to attract new customers. Easy for someone who is familiar with SEO, and knows the Cleveland competition that is. For this reason, businesses are turning to search engine optimization services to help them gain traction online.

I cannot think of one business owner who would turn down new customers. For this reason alone, researching the best Cleveland SEO Company is worth it’s weight in gold. The right SEO firm could mean a world of difference to your bottom line.

Our services are transparent. We work diligently with our clients to make sure they understand what is happening with their website, and in turn, their business. There should be no secrets when hiring a search engine optimization expert to increase your search engine rankings. Granted, they may not tell you every single detail, just the same as you would not share every single detail of your business.

The right Cleveland company will discuss with you what their intentions are, and what they feel should happen with your current website rankings.

The initial phase is determining what keywords your company should be focused on, and then targeting them. Our team of experts have learned from the top SEO minds in the business, so your website is in very good hands. We do not make promises, we simply show results.

Our team is constantly dissecting the search engines to figure out what is working, and what is not. We test, and we test some more until we know that we can secure the best rankings, while your competitors watch their traffic do a nose-dive.

Our Cleveland SEO Services are what you need to take your business to the next level. Contact us today and start receiving the traffic and sales your business deserves.
It is no secret that what grows a business is advertising, combined with word-of-mouth. In today’s advertising world, your company’s success relies on how you are viewed online(or if you are viewed at all). This can only happen with an ethical online marketing agency that can take your website from “the bad neighborhood”, to where the “celebrities live”. Obviously, there is a bit of exaggeration here, but the concept of it is true.

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are who you run with”? This is true online as well. There are many SEO companies that can potentially hurt your business by associating you with the “bad guys”. Our search engine optimization knowledge allows us the opportunity to put you with the popular kids at the prom, and for this reason, Google also thinks your popular, even if you are not.

Other SEO agencies are offering Pay Per Click advertising in addition to search engine optimization. You have to ask yourself why? The point of ranking your website in the organic search listings is to avoid paying thousands of dollars per month for PPC, and getting little return.

At Melissa Ritter Marketing, our SEO services are legitimate, and unlike any other company. Why? Because we are partnered with the brightest online optimization experts in the country, who bring us an education that our results have proven to be the equivalent of any ivy league college (although even a marketing degree at Harvard could not compare). The reason for that is quite simple; the search engines are constantly changing, creating new algorithms that affect many website rankings, and in some cases, completely removing them from their index. By the time this subject is taught in a semester at college, it has all changed.

If you are not on page 1 in the local Cleveland search results for your product or service, chances are, your business is losing customers to your competition. In fact, I can almost guarantee it.

Our SEO and marketing agency provides the best optimization strategies to our clients in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and many other cities throughout Ohio, allowing them to grow their business day in, and day out.

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