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Melissa Ritter Consulting understands Akron SEO challenges, and this understanding provides us with an unfair advantage over our competitors. We have the ability to perform search engine marketing like no other agency that we compete with. And trust us when we say, there are plenty. Have you searched for Akron SEO company in Google? If so, you have seen the number of “SEO gurus” out there promoting their services. We don’t claim to be a guru. In fact, we don’t claim to be anything other than an honest SEO agency that will get results for your business.

Akron is the 5th largest city in Ohio, so needless to say, there is plenty of competition for the top spots in Google’s organic search results. Luckily, we know how to get there. We don’t hide behind an exact match domain name, and pretend that because we are ranking at the top, it proves that we know what we are doing. In fact, this website that you are on right now has been around since 2010. This we can prove. Now, are we going to say that we don’t have “niche” websites out there with an exact keyword in the domain? Absolutely not. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of smaller websites when we have the ability to rank them?

The fact is, there is more to SEO than buying a domain name with your keyword in it. Sure, several years ago this would have worked, but since then, Google just keeps getting smarter. They continue to make it harder to gain control of the top positions in their search results because frankly, if they made it easy, who would pay them to advertise on the Adwords platform? After all, they are a business, and in order to stay in business, they have got to keep their search results fair, and user-friendly.

We know how to make Google love your website, and they will want to put you on the first page of their local Akron search results when we get our hands on your business.

If you are an Akron business looking to attract more customers online, click the Discovery Page above, answer a few questions, and we will get back to you with a quote. You won’t even need to speak with us if you don’t want to. If we can rank for Akron SEO with a brand name website, we can rank your business too.

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